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A lot(well most) people don't understand why we chose to do Color Guard. They look at it as being a "gay activity". Well first of all, it isn't. Something most people don't know is that Color Guard IS a sport; one of the hardest out there. So here is a place where you can find out from every one of us why we do what we do.

I do guard because it is seriously the most fun activity i've ever been involved in. THe people in our guard are the nicest girls i know and i love having such a tight group of friends. Not to mention the performances are a blast! (Especially when we do good) And sitting in the stands during the football games doing stupid dances is one of the greatest parts (even if our team does suck). But the number one reason i do guard is to see the DMHs!!! (lol j/k)
-Michelle, Junior

"I do ColorGuard because I love the feeling I get when performing in front of thousands of people. It gives me the biggest adrenaline rush! And when the guard has a great performance, you know it before you walk off the field. Now that I think about it, I don't mind the long hard practices because they pay off in the end. Also looking at the DMH's gives me sumthin to smile about every time! (Plus, you can hit people and make it look like an accident!...i'm just kidding!)"
-Megan, Junior

I do colorguard because it's something ( not to be like concited or anything) I'm actually good at. I am not at all the all around athletic type girl.I am the kind of girl who likes to be around friends and have a positive attitude. I think it is a sport to an extent because then you get into dancing and all that stuff. I think the performance is the main reason i do it though. It just gives you an unbelievable feeling! It's all worth the while even though at times it seems it's not. Hey besides, where else can you get knocked up on the side of the brain w/o getting brain damage. It just doesn't get better than that!
-Liz, Junior

"I do guard for the rush you get when you perform infront of a load of people. It started out in cheerleading in middle school.....then one of my friend's older sister was in guard and after they had come to the middle school to recruit people....I was like "hell yeah I'm doing this"'s definatly something you have to love to do."
-Julia, Senior

"I love guard because of all the reasons everyone else said...especially it being one of the only things im really good at and the fact that the performances are such a rush.  Its that feeling that no matter how much we all hate eachother, or no matter whats going on in our life, that for a few hours we can forget it all and just perform with everything we have.  And everyone marches off that field together, whether or not we did good.  Contests are the best because its an entire day of escaping from everyday life and crossing your fingers and hoping that just this once we did the best performance possible.  Oh yeah and its all the fun stuff inside jokes that no one else will EVER get no matter how much we explain.  And being able to just do a really fast flourish and scare the crap out of any near band members.  And the best way to clear out the band hall after school is to do some pass-offs :)"
-Kristin, Senior

"I do guard because of robert gonzales.....i mean....micheal holcome...god, what i mean is...danny's hott....CRAP!! what i mean to say is...*.long silence*.....i do guard becuase there are so many amazing people with a great talent, and when you all get together you make the half time show look amazing, (quoting like 50 teachers and both principals that work at FMHS!!) i also like it becuase i have made a lot of friends and they are all amazing. i also love preforming and just making people smile, and adding color to the show...who ever said colorguard sux's well watch out for flying objects!!!"
-Kelly, Sophomore

Want everyone to know why YOU do guard? Then you can e-mail me at or you can tell me at school.