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Ways to Tell Your In Guard 2
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Ways to Tell Your in Guard
Ways to Tell Your In Guard 2
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228.While your non-guard friend sleep with tedy bears and other various stuffed animals, you sleep with your flag, rifle, and/or sabre
229.If your room is covered with good luck signs.
230.If you have gotten a black eye from doing a toss!
231.If you catch your self doing air flag while walking down the hallway or while you are sleeping!
232.If you think you will die when the season is over.
233.When you are doing a horizontal toss and you know that it won't make it too far and it smacks you in the face.
234.You own more stretch pants and tank tops then you do regular clothes.
235.When you make a website dedicated to guard.
236.When you have prayed all season for a break before the next season, be it colorguard or winterguard, then you spend the whole thing crying, cause your muscles aren't used to resting for that long.
237.When your boyfriend has been to as many practices and games as you have!
238.When you like wearing your uniform.
239.When people ask you about your social life and you say "Oh, you mean my flag.
240.When being mauled by a drum is a normal part of life.
241.When you can show up to practice in your pajamas and dripping wet and no one notices.
242.When jazz running no longer reminds you of ballet.
243.When "armed guard" means a girl with a pole instead of a guy with a gun.
244.When you see your section more than your family.
245.When you subconsciously start practicing with a pencil.
246.When numbers past 8 aren't important.
247.When you'd rather practice than read the list.
248. You have more bruises, scars, and injuries than a military solider
249. Your teacher makes you write on the board, "I will not spin in class" fifty times.
250. You find yourself watching your spring show routine from freshman year thinking was I ever that bad?
251. Automatically you know what the captain is going to say and you do it before anyone else (most of the time)
252. Weekends are forever lost to practice
253. When you ask "What is summer vacation?"
254. When you stand at parade attention to say the pledge to the flag at school
255. When you can do drop-spins at any tempo with ANYTHING (penciles, forks, brooms, air)
256. When you actually like to watch the Thankgiving day parade for the bands, not those stupid balloons
257. When you can do splits in gurdles
258. When you are rivles with all the chearleaders
259. The funny smell in the guard room in no longer noticeable to you
260. The only nail polish you wear in the winter is clear or none at all
261. When there is a possiblity it will snow, and your competition will be cancelled, you pray that it won't snow
262. When you spend all your money at competitions on guard shirts, boxers, etc. instead of food
263. You can mimick all the annoucers in your circuit
264. Have a dresser dedicated to guard unitards socks pantyhouse and silks
265. You go to the mall to try to find something new to make your rifle colorful
266. The Home Depot (Hardware store) is you favorite place to shop.
267. All your screen names have something to do with Color Guard.
268. You've eaten out more then anyone you know.
269. You anylize every song you hear for Winter Gaurd Standards.
270. You always have to find the perfect Drill Team song, and you go crazy when
you finally find one. 271. Your boyfriend owns more Color Guard shirts then the store that sells them.
272. You own every cd that contains a song used at a Winter Guard show.
273. Your non-guard friends think you're crazy becuase you've always got songs that they've never heard of stuck in your head.
274. Your Boyfriend has a copy of your schedule hanging in his room.
275. You've used the word "FRESHMAN!" more then a billion times.
276. Your guard instructor invites you to preform at her wedding.
277. You critique migrating geese on how straight their diagonals are!
278. You mark time in the shower(or whenever standing still.
279. You hear "this isn't K-mart we don't like/want 'sails'" more than once a week.
280.The phrase water break has a whole new meaning.
281. You are the only one to have a screwdriver handy during any season.
282. You find many new uses for a sabre
283. Your best friend becomes a six foot pole and three foot silk
284. Your phrase becomes this isn't we don't like sales
285. You spend your lunch period trying to break into the guard room just so you can spin your equiptment
286. Getting locked in the band's coat box is an honor
287. Being friends w/ anyone outside of the band just seems unnormal
288. You listen to your guard tapes as you fall asleep
289. Your family knows your entire show, inside and out
290. You get a shock from leaving the band room b/c the air is so CLEAN
291. You arrive at the school on the days you have practice so early that the school isn't even open
292. When your instructor says rehearsal is at six, you are there by five thirty or you are LATE
293.When you meet your friends places you are always half an hour early
294.. When you have no problem at all telling one of the members of your guard that they smell and they are not offended
295. When pit stains are cool
296. When your little sister plays with, touches, or even LOOKS at your weapon, you jump on her like a lion on a mouse
297. You've got a certain section of your wardrobe labeled "Guard Clothes" that you'd never be caught dead in anywhere but practice.
298. You go into Home Depot and ask for flag tape.
299. Electrical tape is used for everything (ie. labeling cabinets, putting up posters, fixing your flag bag, etc.)
300.You know you are in winterguard when you watch local basketball games on tv
and can rememeber what shows you did there and how well you did. And exactly
what the gym looks like. O and who you fought with there.