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We've all had them, whether we want to admit it or not. They might not of been funny then, but now you can look back and laugh!

Let'Er Rip!
"At one of our major marching performances it was really windy and our coach told us to let them go(in other words, to toss) So, I get to my toss and I did what he said and I let the flag go. Well the wind go hold of the flag and the flag went flying over a line of flutes! I had to run through the line, pick up my flag, and get back to my set!"
-Anne Peterson, Junior

Winter Slide
"At our last Winter Guard performance of the season, it was raining. Not just lightly drizzling, it was pouring! Well our floor was on a trailer with no roof(besides a tarp) so on the drive up there, the mat got soaked...along with all of our backdrops. We had to pick up the floor and flats and carry them into the building. That wasn't so bad. But then we started to notice that we were starting to turn blue. The paint had started to peel of our backdrops! So we are soaked to the bone, have pieces of peeling paint all over us, and we have to go perform...without drying the floor. Let's put it this way...the floor was one giant Slip N Slide. We had a total of 5 falls(keep in mind this is at State Competition!)and one girl sprained her ankle from the fall!(she kept going so yay!) We got 17th out of 19 guards. It was horrible when it happened...but when you see the video it is the funniest performance we have seen."
-The 2002 FMHS WinterGuard

Slippery When Wet
Ok most of you know this story, but for those of you who don't you will probably get a kick out of this one. By the way, I am the one who sprained my ankle. Yay! Well you know how our floor was wet, it was awful! Well in kinda the beginning of the show we had a rifle routine where we run out from the back all the way to the front. Well in the process of running to the front, I fell smack on my butt! Ouch! It made a loud noise cuz I saw it on video and it wasn't pretty. Well after that I just kept crying my eyes out because I was in pain but I couldn't let it show so I just kept smiling! It was the worst and most painful show I had ever done. Ph well, I lived. And later Megan gave me the cutest teddy bear. Thanks Megan!!!
-Liz, Junior

Unique Scrunchie
Embarrassing story:  My freshman year when we were dressed as bumble bees, part of our costume was a goofy yellow stretchy headband. Our captains and our instructor always made sure we had thousands of bobby pins in it so it wouldn't come out. But at one of our conteste I guess i had put just a few too many bobby pins and right as the show started the headband fell off the top of my head and somehow formed itself into a right yellow scrunchie, But the weird part was that it looked like i had meant to make it a scrunchie and that i was just so stupid that i didn't realize everyone else had there's on differently. A lot of people noticed it too, our instructors, my parents, other members...  And that just happened to be the performance that everyone took pictures of so in most of the pictures of us, there's always me with my bright yellow scrunchie!
-Michelle, Junior

At the first contest, during the third song of our show, we have to take off a blue over top thing to show our red tops. Well, the strap on my bodytights, which was pined to my shirt, losend up and slid down so about half my bra was showing. Of course the first thing that came to my mind was trying to fix it and get it up b4 having to run infront the the drumline. It really wasnt that bad b/c i figured probly no one noticed it. . . till when i got home and  my mom says, "did yu know that you bra was showing when you took you blue top off". . . so yeah, who knows how many other ppl noticed. .
-Julia, Senior

2nd Segment Blues
OK I had two embarrassing(yet funny) events happen in one day. During our morning practice, we were practice our second segment, in which half the guard is out on the field dancing and the other half is on the sideline waiting to come out with 2 pink flags(one in each hand....we give on to one of the people dancing) Well anywayz, i stand up and start running out. As I am running through the line of flutes, I feel a tug on my flag. I figured it had just gotten stuck on a flute player who was a lil sweaty, so I kept running. But then I felt something heavy on the flag. So I look over my shoulder and i see that my flag was caught in a flute players mouth piece and I was dragging her with me! She was trying to stay with me to keep her flute. So I gently start pulling on it cuz I had to get my set of flags to one of the dancers, and she is frantically trying to un wrap the silk from her mouthpiece. So finally we get it undone, and the whole ordeal took up about 3 sets of work. I ran to the dancer, threw the flags at her(haha sorry Michelle) and sprinted to my set. Then....that night we had a performance. During my solo part(which is also in the second segment) my coach told me to move back so i could be seen. I guess I moved a little too far back because as i turned around with the flag extended down I smacked a trumpet player in the knee!! I later saw him sitting in the bleachers with his leg propped up. That was just my lil Ditzy Day!!
-Megan, Junior

You have to love getting stitches, especially when it is your first year in guard, need I say more? I might as well. It was during 1st period and we were doing horizontal tosses and I tried it out. Well I didn't throw it high enough and it hit me smack in the forehead. I was escorted to the nurses office, and the worst part was walking through the hallway with all of the students there, plus people were watching as I hit myself. Oh well, I ended up getting stitches, but I got to wear a pretty band aid on my head and I got the nickname "Band Aid Head" from my pals in science. Oh well, it's just a scratch and now i'm throwing horizontals and many other tosses (with care I might add).
-Kelly, Sophomore

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