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Colorguard: the new sport

Colorguard, a sport or an art? Actually, it is a combination of the two. Due to the fact that colorguard may be included in the next Olympics as a sport, the art/sport is gaining popularity.

Colorguard started when someone realized that the combination of military drill (marching) and the use of their flags, sabres, and rifles had potential to be an awesome sight. Over the years men and women of all ages have started to loosen their bodies and incorporate dance into a "show". During the winter months and into spring, performers and instructors create shows, and compete as a Winterguard. Shows are put to music, and performers combine their bodies, facial expression, eguipment(flags, riles, and sabres), and minimal props to create a show. The shows are meticulously picked over, and made "clean"(put together) with the help of talented performers, and dedicated instructors.

With ever evolving shows, performers compete with other groups in their class. They are judged and recieve scores based on their performance. Judges also make tapes to help groups improve trouble spots over their next weeks practice. The Winterguard season is over after Championships. There are many different classes of championships, the world, national, and regional are just a few.

The Colorguard experience itself is like no other. The performers are in constant motion for multiple hours of intense practice. Practices can be more than 12 hours long, and require a person who doesn't give up, and who can put a smile on their face and perform when they haven't had sleep for 24 hours. The performers have to learn to break down walls, and open themselves to criticism which will help improve their talent. Physical tolerance is needed to put together running, dancing, and equipment work at the same time.

Although Colorguard is by definition a sport due to its physical and competitive aspects, it is also considered an art. The performers use the elements of expression, and their equipment to tell a story. The music, and scenery set the stage, and the performer completes the show.

Colorguard is an awesome experience to the performer, and the spectator. As Colorguard continues to become more popular, remember the performers and instructors who make this beatiful art possible.

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