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You know that quote, "Kids say the darndest things?" Well in guard...they are even better. Most people who hear the things we say are like "What the hay?" But to us, they are "special" and always bring a smile to our face....or make us keel over laughing....which isnt good when you are tossing something...anywayz, here is a lil section where you can see a list of things you will hear us say once in a while.

The Things We Say About Pants:

"Can I take my pants off now??"
"Crap, I left my pants at home!"
"Ok, Who took my pants?"
"Has anyone seen my pants? I know there on the bus somewhere"
"Maria, why are you wearing Michelle's pants?"
"Does anyone have an extra pair of pants? I can't find mine!"
"I lost my pants!"
"I can't remember where I put my pants...Did anyone see them in the bathroom?"
"We either all wear pants or we all don't; it's up to you."
"I'm not taking off my pants until I know where I'm going!"
"Here are your pants Julia."
"Since not everyone has pants with them..."
"I can't wear these pants!"
"I can't get my pants on!!"
"My pants started falling down in the show."
"Wouldn't it be funny if ur pants flew out the window?"
"I'm so excited...I got pants!!!"

"Normal" Stuff:

"Right, Left, Right, Left"
"The new band theme is...Turtles in My Ocean!"
"Okay I'm gonna pretend I never saw that...."
"Roberts Hott" <---I'm not naming names but her name rhymes with Jelly and starts with a K....
"Duh duh duh duh duh duh COCK and PULL!!" (this person wishes to remain anonymous...good girl lol)
"And now, performing live on Highway 149 is the Flower Mound High School Winterguard!!!!" (I couldn't remember the highway name)
"Why is he sleeping there? I mean, he could just sleep with us!"
"I'm a little Orphan!!!!"
Michelle:"It's a Musical" Megan:"Rosemary's Baby?"
When walking outside after being in a hot room: "Ahhhh air conditioning"
"w00t w00t w00t FLOWER MOUND!!!!!!!!"