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Colorguard-to those who understand, no explanation needed-To those who don't, no explanation possible.

You can never possibly catch a flag/rifel/sabre if you are always thinking of ways to drop it

SMILE!! It's good for ya!!

Make the audience so excited by your show that they want to throw their babies onto the field as a sacrifice!!

Do what I mean, not what I say.

Sometimes we have to put up with the rain, before we can see a rainbow.

No one said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.

If you're gonna hit 'em, hit 'em hard, and if it's the percussion, hit 'em harder.

I'd rather be in a guard without a life, rather than in a life with no guard.

Is their life after practice?

If it wasnt hard then everyone would do it

If you're gonna hit someone, make it look perfect!

If you fall, ROLL OUT OF THE WAY!!!!

Colorguard: Sweet little girls...with big metal sticks

Colorguard is a halftime show w/ a band that won't sit still

Born to toss....hope to catch

Whats the football team doing on the marching field?

Rifles and Sabres and Flags OH MY!

They're not "poles", they're FLAGS...they're not "swords", they're SABRES...they're not "guns", they're RIFLES...We don't "twirl" we SPIN... we don't "throw", we TOSS! Get it right or get out of my face!

I don't need your attitude...I've got my own!!

If they're in the way--hit them--I guarentee there will be plenty of space after that.

You have 6 feet of pole and 48 inches of silk; you better catch SOMETHING!!!