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Nicknames: Megz, Michegan

Age: 17

Birthday: 7/27/87

Grade: 12

Years in Guard: 4

Lil Sis: Abbey

Hobbies: Guard, shopping, movies, driving and singing as loud as I want because no one can hear me!

Favorite Quote: "Rifles and Sabres and Flags OH MY!"

Favorite Move: I can't choose just one, so everything

Favorite Part of Game Day: Marching In, Performance, and Dancing in the stands

Favorite Drum Corp(s): Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, Bluecoats

Favorite show done by FMHS: "The Commute"-Marching 2004 and "Life According to Jethro"-Winter Guard 2004

What I look forward to most is: Just enjoying my last year with my family! Cheezy I know. And of course...Winter Guard!

I joined guard because...I thought it looked really cool, and after doing it for three years, I've realized it is the BEST thing I have ever done...ever.

AIM Screen Name: YellowCGRose


Most Dedicated 2002-2003
Outstanding Color Guard Member 2003-2004